During the TOP week you van find Vidar Festival in the city center, but even better: we also have lots of activities at Vidar! The perfect moment to experience why Vidar can make your future student life complete. Whether you come during the day, at night or the entire week: expext a relaxed vibe along the water, lovely drinks, the best tunes and lots of fun students! 


During the afternoonprogram there are lots of things to do at Vidar. After the tour around the building you can tryout what it feels like to row in a boat, or measure how strong you are during the erg-championships.  There will also be several demonstrations of Vidar rowing teams who compete in the national and international top. After all of this you can enjoy the best tunes, relax in the Chill area of cool down with an icecream. 

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Monday: Vidar Festival | PKHS 

On Monday we will kick the week off at PKHS! For only €15,- you have unlimited beer and sodas. Don't forget your studentcard and ID!  

Tuesday: Vidar Festival | Vidar goes BP  

During the pub crawl on Tuesday, you can find us with our friends of Café Brandpunt. During the puw crawl you can have a taste of Vidar Festival, but also until long after the pub crawl! 

Wednesday: Vidar Festival | Viva la Vidar  

After the afternoonprogram we will continue the party at our own building. Expect the best tunes, lovely cocktails, a good vibe along the water, lots of students and more! Keezus Christus, Feestnation and Thom Bold will blow the roof off at night! 

Thursday: Vidar Festival | Summervibes 

After the succesfull party in the spring, it's time for part two! To celebrate the summer, we will host a big party during the TOP week with Summervibes! Expect multiple areas, cocktailbars and several drinking actions! 

Friday: Vidar Festival | Vidar Heineken Afterparty 

On the last day of the TOP week we will close off the week traditionally with thé legendary Vidar Heineken Afterparty. Well known in the memories of lots of students. TOP participants have free entrance when you show your TOP bracelet.  

A place to sleep

During the entire city center you will find a lot of Vidar houses. You can recognize them by the green signs at the windows. Rowing houses, sorority/fraternity houses, mixed houses, you name it! Would you like to sleep on one of these houses during the TOP week? Send us an e-mail to nepals.[antispam].@tsr-vidar.nl and we will contact you soon!  

Become a member! 

Would you like to join Vidar? Then you can click on this link to fill in the form.  het jou leuk om lid te worden bij Vidar? If you are still doubting after the TOP week, then you can come over for the open activity after the TOP week! Soon there will be more information about this activity.