Small, cosy drinnks, the biggest parties of the city, dinners, sports activities, games: you name it, we have it.

The big building of Vidar offers a lot of space and possibilities. Beside that we have a special bond with  Café Brandpunt in the city.

A few examples of what we do to enjoy our life as a student en to relax. 

  • Weekly parties in the borrelkamer and the sociëteit
  • A gala in the Willem II stadion
  • A Christmas dinner prepared by the Gulden Koksring
  • The training camp to Seville, Spain
  • The Vidar Wintersports
  • The Heineken NOOC Openingstoernooi
  • And much more…


Vidar has as lot of houses where Vidraten live together in the city center. You can recognize them by the green signs at the windows. These houses are rowing houses, sorority/fraternity houses en mixed houses. At the rowing houses, several competitional rowers live together. They are all focussed on rowing and this way they can all keep their focus on rowing and the life as a top sportsman. They are often a tight group of friends, who also do activities other than rowing.
On sorority/fraternity houses, people from the same sorority/fraternity live together. Often these houses have their own bar in the house, where they can invite other sororities/fraternities for a drink.
At the mixed houses we have all different kinds of Vidraten living together: male, female, rowers, non-rowers, etc.

All houses have in common that they go out, have annual activities together, Christmas dinners and ofcourse they all study together. Every year, the Vidar houses have several rooms available for new students. If you are still looking for a room. chances are that you might find one in one of our houses!  

Would you like to sleep at one of our houses during your introduction week? Send us an e-mail and we will contact you!

Soroities and fraternities

Beside houses, Vidar also has a lot of sororities and fraternities. A lot of our members have joined one. Everyone can join a sorority/fraternity. From each Vidar year, different people are together in one sorority/fraternity.

At this moment Vidar has 18 sororities/fraternities. All with their own background. Each year they ask several new members to their sorority/fraternity, so there is a constant stream of members in the group. Every sorority/fraternity has their own identity: it's a group of people who have the same interests as you.

Members of a sorority/fraternity stimulate you to go rowing, coaching or coxing. Beside that, they are active in the entire association: in committees and boards. But next to Vidar a sorority/fraternity has a fun life. Weekends together, holidays, meetings, studying and going out are all part of the sorority/fraternity life.

Every sorority/fraternity builds friendships for life. They are of great value during your student time and far after!