At the Tilburg Student Rowing Assocation there is plenty of space for rowing!  Within the sport there are several different types of rowing: recreational rowing and the competition rowing. These types differ at almost every possible point: motivation, input, level, training schedules, size of the team, boats and coaching. But eventually it's all about the biggest student sport in the Netherlands: rowing! 

Competition rowing

Are you willing to push your boundaries? Are you able to give 120%? And are you ready for the best your of life in which you compete with your team for the honor of Vidar? Then you are made for competition rowing! 

During the first year you will start to learn how to row. In the fall the teams are made of the freshman teams en professional coaches will guide you and prepare you for the rowing season. To perform the best you can, you train 5 to 8 times a week together with your teammates. You learn how to row as hard as you can together and in the meantime, you are building friendships for life with your teammates. Besides the normal trainings at Vidar, there will also be trainingcamps you will travel to with all of the competition rowers. In the past years we went to Sevilla, Spain! 

Eventually you will start in the freshman ranking against other freshman teams of other rowing associations in the Netherlands. You will begin the competitions in the 'long track season'. These competitions are of distances between 5km or sometime seven 8km. From the Varsity on, the 'short track season' will begin and you will only row competitions of 2km. Thé goal of the rowing season is ofcourse to finish first and win your 'blik'! 

Recreational rowing

Besides the fanatical competition rowing, you can also row at recreational level at Vidar. At the recreational rowing there is a relaxed combination between rowing and student life. This makes for a fun time, both on the water and at the bar! 

As a freshman member of Vidar you can compete for a place in a team of 7 to 8 persons who will switch places in the rowing competitions in a C4+ boat. With this team you will row several different competitions in different distances, at other associations all over the country. At the recreational rowing it;s all about winning a 'douchemuntje'. This is the reward for winning an A-final. 

What makes the recreational rowing this unique is the combination of rowing and partying. During the season there are always parties after the competitions at different associations. With a big group of Vidraten we travel to these competitions and parties to party with the other associations. The biggest party of the year is the opening of the season at our own association: The Heineken Opening Tournament (also known as the HOT).