Study at no. 1

The reason you came to Tilburg was in the first place to study. At Vidar your study is still the number one priority! We go to class and the library together, help each other study and stimulate each other to achieve the best possible! And that helps! According to a research Tilburg University has conducted, members of Vidar achieve better results than other students who are not a member of Vidar.


If you are having some trouble with a certain course, older Vidraten are ready to help you! To guide you both through this, we organize several tutor sessions. Because of our many members, there is always someone who can help you with your problem! 

While we were building our new building, we held in account the specific needs of our members to be able to study at our association, for example after a training. Quick internet, enough desks and silent work space are present, to make sure you are able to study at your best at Vidar. Besides that, we also have a relaxed chill are, where you can relax during studying, watch a movie or play a game.



You will notice that the contacts you attain at Vidar, will come in handy sometimes. Via an (alumni-) sorority/fraternity member, you are able to get that internship you always wanted. Via a committeemember, you are able to get that exciting job you always wanted. There is always someone who can help you out and/or who knows someone who can help you.

Not only the studying members, but als to alumni of Vidar can help you out. A lot of the alumni of Vidar are part of the top of the Dutch corporate life. To share this knowledfe, we organize an annual recruitment diner. During this diner, several alumni come to tell you how they have come so far. During these activities you will learn how other Vidraten became this succesfull and what they had to do in order to accomplish everything.


Welcome to Tilburg! As a starting student, you will see and experience a lot during the introduction period. Ofcourse you will start to wonder if you should join Vidar or not. The question often raised in my function as recruiter at EY (former Ernst & Young): does becoming a member at a association help your carriere and is that something a recruiter looks for? The answer to that is very simple: yes!

The biggest difference I see fromthe corporate life between students who joined an association and students who haven't, is the pro-active attitude and the enthousiasm to take on new challenges and execute new ideas. Also, when we have to work together with students, the students who joined an association are a lot better to work with. At a association you work together with a lot of different people, which is not only fun but it also teaches you a lot. Besides all of the friends you make, you also organize a lot of activities with your committee or board. At an association you are constantly working in different teams, which learns which roll you have in a team and how you can adjust to the situation. Working in teams is becoming more and more important in the working field. At EY we believe in 'the highest performing teams'. These are teams from specialists with different backgrounds and talents who are able to reach the best results together.

You might be wondering: what will get me into one of those companies? Your network at Vidar. For example the network-event organized by EY together with Vidar. This gives you the opportunity to discover which possiblities we all have at EY - it's not only an accountants office - but also if it fits your interests.

In conclusion, my advice is: become a member of Vidar and take on as many chances you get!

Sophie Jansen

Consultant People Advisory Service